The journey towards the future will bring massive changes in Malaysia landscape with science and technology become the catalyst for the transformation. In 2050, Science and technology become mainstream; whereby the knowledge and practices are disseminated and well-adopted in crafting national strategic planning to tackle national issues. This resulting to improvement of multiple areas including leadership & governance, educations, skills & talents, and economic distribution as well as people wellbeing. Meanwhile, well-governed STI ecosystem and advancement in
research, development and innovation (R&D&I) have created numbers of indigenous strategic technologies and “Proudly Made in Malaysia” innovation that are known in the global market.

Access to information is at greater pace. The Government is utilising multiple channels of communications to strengthen inter-government networks, encourage more Public and Private Sector collaboration, as well as solicit more participation from the rakyat. For example, big data analytics (BDA) significantly assisting the decision making process; and convergence of augmented reality (AR) and smart applications allows transparency and seamless communication.

The bullish economy of Malaysia are benefiters of cutting-edge technologies and knowledge based industry. Digitisation have changed the way of doing business; whereby block chain, digital currency and cashless transaction are common and catalysing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The local education system has produced rounded and knowledgeable society equipped with new skills and talents that are not only demanded among local employers but also at global level.

Malaysian society lives in unity driven by knowledge; and celebrate cultural diversity that is ethical and morally sound. 90% of the population lives in urban areas that applies smart cites concept as green and sustainable living become the lifestyle. Advancement of green technology ensures sustainable supply of energy and water and integrated vehicles are the common mobility means.

Wellbeing is improved with advancement in medical field and increased of awareness of the importance to balance work and life. In medical practices, robot assistants increase efficiencies in performing healthcare procedure and reducing healthcare practitioners’ workload. As life expectancy is prolonged, elderly can used assistive technology to live independently and safely.

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In the year 2050, science and technology adoption will somehow put humanity to test; in the sense of intelligence, morale and ethics. Over-dependency on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has discounted the leadership role and responsibility and lead the decision-making process. “Cyberocracy” is adopted in the government, whereby trends and relevant information are for effective usage. The initial intention to assist in creating or reviewing policies and legislation is however has resulted in the emergence of new social segregation and niche society. It is indicated
that 90% of the Malaysia population live in cities but segregated based on profession and economic activities.

AI has brought chaos greater than ever imagined. Machine learning and automation have taken over most of the common jobs; thus, causing massive job displacement. Meanwhile, job in demand requires workforce with specific skills that are capable to manipulate and keep up with the rapid advancement of technology. Failure of the education system to meet the industry needs have worsen the scenario. The R&D ecosystem suffers from lack of interest to boost local innovation activity related to S&T. As no new job opportunity is created; the local talent is under threat and caused brain drain, income disparities as well as widening income class gap.

The environment is heavily polluted due to unethical technology development and green is just lip service. The warmer climate is conducive to spread new range of pest carrying deadly disease. In parallel, the society becomes vulnerable to new diseases due to antibiotic and medication resistance. Unpredictable climate change brings critical challenge in natural resource management i.e. energy, water and food. The cry for resources will make the cost for government subsidies to skyrocket.

As science and technology becomes mainstream, lifestyle changes. The traditional way of living is redefined and replaced by modern style of living. The Malaysia’s value, culture and society destroyed; and technology have been manipulated with digitisation and connectivity. Everything is exposed to cybercrimes and threats. In the end, prevalent misuse of technology has created massive outflow of capital, the nation is placed at the verge of economic collapse and the society’s wellbeing adversely affected.

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